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What's freighterpedia?

Freighterpedia is a freight forwarder directory that helps freight forwarders, importers, exporters, logistics companies and other logistics professionals find each other to form partnerships.
Our site provides the end-to-end supply chain solution for global trade and commerce in every step. Our goal is to evolve from a directory of freight forwarders into a full-fledged trade portal. The directory currently has over 80 members with all types of services including LCL and FCL transportation, customs clearance and more.

By listing freight forwarders, logistics company name, address, website and telephone number in one place we try to make it easier for you to find the company or individual you are looking for.
By using sources like to check if the Logistic Company is suitable for your needs, we try to provide our users with the most accurate status of companies in order for them to be able to make wise decisions when dealing with these companies.
Freighterpedia was launched as a result of frustration I had within my own experience solely dealing with freight forwarding providers.



How do I get listed on Freighterpedia?

Freighterpedia is a directory of freight forwarders and logistics companies. Every company listed on our site will have a contact email address that you can direct your inquiry to and we will perform check on the listing in order to secure the information up to date.

Is Freighterpedia trying to compete with freight brokerages?

No, our goal is to improve the visibility of freight with a directory. We believe it is best for everyone if there are more options for freight movers, so Freighterpedia will be helping both freight forwarders and logistics companies grow their online presence.

What is the difference between Freighterpedia and a Yellow Pages Directory?

A Freighterpedia is a directory of freight forwarders, logistics companies, and freight carriers that ship or transport freight for customers. It’s not just a yellow pages directory. We do know about the industry and we perform check on the logistic companies.

What is the difference between a freight forwarder and a logistics company?

Freight forwarders are in charge of more steps in the logistics chain and logistics company their only handle a part of it.
Example, a Freight Forwarder can arrange an import from the US to the UK using several logistics companies to go ahead with the process.

What types of freight companies are listed on Freighterpedia?

Freighterpedia mainly lists freight forwarder, Hauliers, Courier, Freight Broker and Custom Brokers.

Can I be listed in the Freighterpedia?

Yes, we are always looking for new companies and services. If you are either a freight forwarder or logistics provider with the goal of making it easier and more profitable for your customers, then please fill out our simple application.

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"I’ve been using Freighterpedia for a few months now and I can say that it has really changed the game for me. Previously, I was spending about $2,000 per year on freight forwarding networks - but my freight forwarder account with Freighterpedia is only $99.90/year. Plus, I get quick results., more sales more profit. Totally Game Changer."
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