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Freighterpedia – The Shipping and Logistics Directory Freighterpedia is a directory of companies in the shipping industry. One can find freight forwarders, logistics companies and trade providers here, who can be contacted with one click.   What are Freight Forwarders?   A freight forwarder is a company that provides logistics services for the shipping industry. … Read more

Search Your Logistic Partner with Freighterpedia


Search Your Logistic Partner with Freighterpedia When you’re shipping freight, it’s important to find the right logistic partner for your needs. You want someone who has all the logistics experience you need and can offer a range of services. Freight Forwarding Freight Forwarding is the process of exporting and importing goods internationally. The terms “freight … Read more

Freight Forwarding Directory: the Ultimate Guide to the Industry


Freight Forwarding Made Simple: the Ultimate Guide to the Industry Freight forwarding Directory is a necessary tool for companies that do import and export, which is why it’s important to know the basics of how it works.  Introduction to Freight Forwarding Freight forwarding is logistics and shipping that involve the process of taking goods from … Read more

Marketing With Freight Forwarder Directories


Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Freight forwarder directories are the perfect tool for freight forwarders looking to increase their sales.  As Freighterpedia, we’re a directory that provides freight forwarders with all the information that they need to succeed- whether it’s locating an industry partner or finding out how … Read more

How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales?


Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales With Freighterpedia? Freighterpedia is a Global Freight Forwarder Directory that you can join for free. We provide the tools and information that Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain professionals need to simplify their lives. Learn about our features, … Read more

Directory for Freight Forwaders are dead

New year has began and there’s dilemma for some FreightForwarders and Logistics agents in this 2022. Do the Freight Forwardersdirectory dead? I would say yes and no, I’m going to show you why. If you are looking for to join a Freight Forwarder Directorylike a network, let’s say JC Trans you might have to invest … Read more

Why are the sea freight skyrocketing?

2021: a year for milking the freight rate. 2021 the year of the skyrocketing sea freight rates. By FREIGHTERPEDIA During the 2021 proved to be a very challenging year for shippers, but an exceptionally profitable one for ocean carriers and containership owners. Soaring freight rates – both short-term and contract – along with a dysfunctional … Read more

Maersk could ban freight forwarders

Maersk could ban Freight Forwarders Rumours that Maersk will block freight forwarders to start a new strategy in 2022. By FREIGHTERPEDIA Since middle of 2021 Maersk take the decision to cut the middleman and directly arrange with shippers and importers offering a one stop solution. Maersk will be shortly pass through the same problem is … Read more

Freight rate normalisation will take 2 years

Freight rate normalisation in 2023? Shipper and importers worry about the impact of the high rates for the following two years. Shipping lines are increasing their profit as shareholders are happy with that. Would it be sustainable model model? By Freighterpedia Freight rates may have touch a peak for now and be coming slighly down.  … Read more

The only way to achieve more sales without doing be ripped off by Freight Forwarders network is Freighterpedia

Freight Forwarder Networks are dead Why joing to a Freight Forwarder network is not longer a profit business anymore By Freighterpedia Hiya, Freight Forwarder Networks are dead and Freighterpedia will show you why. I’m writing you to make you an important question as business owner, how are you going to increase your sales? Recently I … Read more