Marketing With Freight Forwarder Directories

Marketing With Freight Forwarder Directories


Freight forwarder directories are the perfect tool for freight forwarders looking to increase their sales. 

As Freighterpedia, we’re a directory that provides freight forwarders with all the information that they need to succeed- whether it’s locating an industry partner or finding out how to improve their company’s marketing strategy.

Freight forwarders are often forgotten in the realm of marketing. Many companies are missing out on ways to increase their sales because they don’t know where to start. Freighterpedia is a directory of freight forwarders who want to help you make more sales.

Freight industry overview

The freight industry is a complicated maze of shipping, textiles, construction, and many other industries that need to get their products to their destinations throughout the world. This blog will help you navigate this maze with knowledge about what it takes to be successful in the freight industry. Look for information on becoming a prospector or how to find lead generation programs to get your business started. The freight industry employs over 8 million people and is estimated to contribute almost $1.2 trillion in gross domestic product annually. Freight brokers are worth their weight in gold since it takes a lot of time to get freight quotes from each carrier, but many companies don’t know which ones to use. Freighterpedia offers the opportunity to work with the best freight brokers who will act as your company’s marketing arm by using our directories that list all qualified freight brokers and cargo ship owners. Freight is a term used to describe goods being transported from one place to another. Freight transportation is an important part of the economy because it keeps the global system running smoothly. Without freight, goods would have to be shipped by airplane or boat which would dramatically increase prices.

Shipping and logistics companies directory

The solution is our directory of international shipping and logistics companies from around the world. Freighterpedia gives you access to the best freight forwarding companies that offer exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and knowledgeable staff. Freighterpedia is a free and comprehensive directory for freight forwarders and shipping companies, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your shipping and logistics needs – including international brokers, freight forwarding agencies, freight transportation blogs and more. Our directory that provides the ability to search for freight forwarder directories and find contact information for shipping and logistics companies. Freight forwarders are an integral part of any supply chain and their services cover a broad range of logistical needs, such as: customs clearance and documentation, warehousing and distribution, freight forwarding, cargo insurance, project management and trucking. An effective freight forwarder should be able to help you connect with transportation, warehousing and distribution companies in order to meet your specific needs.

How to use Freighterpedia?

As it’s an online database of international freight forwarders. You can use it to search for freight forwarders by country, region, or company, and see all their contact information. We have also has an active blog which you can subscribe to. Blog articles help to educate the public about the services a freight forwarder provides and how they can make your business more profitable in a global market.


Your partner in this adventure is a directory of freight forwarders that includes contact information, locations, and more. Increasing sales with freight forwarders is an alternate way to increase sales. If you want to take it one step further, we also provide a blog on general marketing for small businesses like yours.

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