How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales?

How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales?

How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales With Freighterpedia?
Freighterpedia is a Global Freight Forwarder Directory that you can join for free. We provide the tools and information that Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain professionals need to simplify their lives. Learn about our features, how to increase sales with us and more!
The Benefits of Freighterpedia

it’s a complete logistics directory that has helped businesses in this industry tremendously. It can be used to manage all the shipping tasks, which includes handling their cargo, arranging for transportation, and much more. Therefore Freighterpedia’s member are also rich in features that provide real-time visibility on shipments so you know when they arrive at their destination. The good thing is the price of Freighterpedia is much lower than other options in the industry because it is based on flat premium membership for $99.90 per year or you can sign up for free listing.

Becoming a Member of Freighterpedia

Our a community of freight forwarders and logistics company created to make your life easier. Freighters can post their open and available loads and you can browse through them and choose the one that suits your needs best. With Freighterpedia, you can do everything from negotiating pricing to booking deliveries online with premium members.

How To Get Started With Freighterpedia

Easy, Freighterpedia is a company that provides resources and tools to help freight forwarders increase their sales. Freighterpedia has a suite of products for freight forwarders, including a premium marketing tool and automation system for chats and quotes.

How to Increase Sales via Freighterpedia

As we are a modern freight forwarding marketplace with an intuitive and very easy-to-use interface. Certainly, our directory aims to provide better opportunities for sales, as they work with the top freight forwarders in the industry.

What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a company that provides logistics to businesses. In addition, our members offer services like customs brokerage, warehousing, and freight forwarding to companies looking for help with these aspects of international trade.


Finally, we can say that Freighterpedia is a revolutionary online tool that offers many benefits to freight forwarders. For freight forwarders, it offers an opportunity for networking, access to resources and tools, and the chance to learn from others in the industry. Freighters also benefit from the database of offers that helps them find shipping routes at lower rates than what they may find elsewhere.

If you’re a logistics owner, why not join for free and try it?

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