Maersk could ban freight forwarders

Maersk could ban Freight Forwarders

Rumours that Maersk will block freight forwarders to start a new strategy in 2022.


Since middle of 2021 Maersk take the decision to cut the middleman and directly arrange with shippers and importers offering a one stop solution.

Maersk will be shortly pass through the same problem is currently with another big freight forwarders such as K&N, Schenker, DSV, Panalpina, Kerry Logistics, Rohlig, Senator etc, where the customer satisfaction is put at the end of the priorities whereas for the small-medium Freight Forwarders put on the first place. They will be easily getting business providing prices but no given any complete solution which sooner or later will be recovered by another shipping lines who will have better agreements with another Freight Forwarders.

Once you get bigger you lost the human touch that it’s required by special customers, not all cargoes are the same!


You’re not going to pretend to get the best food in Mc Donald’s, you simplify pop up into a local restaurant nearby your hometown and you will get better food and better service rather the drive-through.

Maersk bought Hamburg Sud and it’s almost gone the great German shipping line, nothing is like before, they are the Mc Donald’s of the shipping lines. Maersk’s customers have to help themselves with the online tools, everything’s online if you have a problem, there’s no solution for you.

Freight Forwarders which now are not able to deal with
Maersk will deal with Hapag Lloyd, MSC, ZIM, Cosco, Evergreen, etc because they’re
customer focus oriented.

Maersk is a conglomerate of companies (DAMCO, KGH, Safmarine,
Hamburg Sud) they care more the price of their share and send dividends to
their shareholders and don’t blame on us, we are giving the best options to the
potential customers with our Freight Forwarder Directory and Logistics Directory.

Freighterpedia is an online directory whereas customers and
agents can interact between them and make business progress, of course not like
Maersk, with human touch.

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