The Benefits of Having a Freight Forwarding Directory


Whether you’re a freight forwarder or a manufacturer, you can take advantage of a freight forwarding directory, which provides information and services for companies who need to ship goods. Not only do these directories help with marketing and referrals, but they also help companies improve their bottom line by keeping costs low.   What are … Read more

Maersk could ban freight forwarders

Maersk could ban Freight Forwarders Rumours that Maersk will block freight forwarders to start a new strategy in 2022. By FREIGHTERPEDIA Since middle of 2021 Maersk take the decision to cut the middleman and directly arrange with shippers and importers offering a one stop solution. Maersk will be shortly pass through the same problem is … Read more

Freight Forwarders in California

Freight Forwarders in California, look you logistic partner here and start to ship goods now. Freight Forwarders in California Looking for a freight forwarder in California? By FREIGHTERPEDIA Looking for a freight forwarder in California? Find the correct partner in California is not an easy task. Freight Forwarders in the US are difficult to find, … Read more