7 Essential Steps To Increasing Your Freight Company’s Reputation


There comes a time in every Freight Company’s life when they realise that their list of clients and clients is too short. And then, there is no denying that those days are long gone. The internet has turned the attention span of the consumer into little more than seconds and companies need to keep up … Read more

The Benefits of Having a Freight Forwarding Directory


Whether you’re a freight forwarder or a manufacturer, you can take advantage of a freight forwarding directory, which provides information and services for companies who need to ship goods. Not only do these directories help with marketing and referrals, but they also help companies improve their bottom line by keeping costs low.   What are … Read more

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Global Freight? Find your freight forwarder in Freighterpedia!


Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn With Freighterpedia, your freight forwarding needs are sorted! Find an international freight forwarder in our comprehensive directory. What is Freighterpedia? Freighterpedia is a Logistic Directory that helps people find global freight forwarders and other logistics companies involved. We received over 70,000 views around … Read more

How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales?


Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn How to Increase Freight Forwarder Sales With Freighterpedia? Freighterpedia is a Global Freight Forwarder Directory that you can join for free. We provide the tools and information that Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain professionals need to simplify their lives. Learn about our features, … Read more

Freight Forwarders in California

Freight Forwarders in California, look you logistic partner here and start to ship goods now. Freight Forwarders in California Looking for a freight forwarder in California? By FREIGHTERPEDIA Looking for a freight forwarder in California? Find the correct partner in California is not an easy task. Freight Forwarders in the US are difficult to find, … Read more

Freight rate normalisation will take 2 years

Freight rate normalisation in 2023? Shipper and importers worry about the impact of the high rates for the following two years. Shipping lines are increasing their profit as shareholders are happy with that. Would it be sustainable model model? By Freighterpedia Freight rates may have touch a peak for now and be coming slighly down.  … Read more

The only way to achieve more sales without doing be ripped off by Freight Forwarders network is Freighterpedia

Freight Forwarder Networks are dead Why joing to a Freight Forwarder network is not longer a profit business anymore By Freighterpedia Hiya, Freight Forwarder Networks are dead and Freighterpedia will show you why. I’m writing you to make you an important question as business owner, how are you going to increase your sales? Recently I … Read more