The only way to achieve more sales without doing be ripped off by Freight Forwarders network is Freighterpedia

Freight Forwarder Networks are dead

Why joing to a Freight Forwarder network is not longer a profit business anymore

By Freighterpedia


Freight Forwarder Networks are dead and Freighterpedia will show you why.

I’m writing you to make you an important question as business owner, how are you going to increase your sales?

Recently I received an email from a prestigious Chinese directory, inviting me for a virtual conference in February which one will attend almost every single member, of course is not FREE you have to pay a ticket to stay in your office talking by Microsoft Teams, let’s say USD 1,500.00.

Basically, they will attend most companies in China who needs potential customer in Europa and in the US to sell their freights to.

They recommend you as hook to present you new reliable partners, most of them big companies that they have their own structure, and they won’t give you a tailor service because you’re another freight forwarder in their bag.

Besides you would pay USD 2,500.00 for this lovely membership of course in advance, you won’t see any return as the profit they manage are totally ridiculous and appointed by the finger of the shipper. You might make around USD 30.00 – USD 50.00 as profit share per month against the membership would be USD 208.33 per month, so you should make at least 4 shipments per month, 48 per year, which depend of the country your are located in, it’s almost impossible to cope that target, in other words, you won’t see the return of your investment. 

How can you profit in this madness? Signing in Freighterpedia, you won’t have to pay anything in advance for less than 100 USD/ year you enjoy for a premium feature, and you know what? You can sign up for free as free listing!

Freight Forwarders Networks are dead, and they won’t make you any difference in short or long term. Freighterpedia is the future, it’s totally up to you to sign up now and enjoy to build trust and long relationship with another agents.

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